You're On Candid Camera!

In Risk Management and more importantly the use of cameras and video is a very important loss prevention loss control tool from many perspectives, none of which is for “blissful entertainment”.

Some of you might remember a TV show staring Alan Funt, where he and his crew captured people on film being caught in compromising but humorous situations. A set up if you will. Fast Forward to 2021 and there is a show on ABC called “What Would You Do”. Lastly, there a numerous “reality shows” capturing the movements of so-called “everyday people” interacting with others. And folks watch this as bliss-full entertainment.

These days cameras are there as our society's eyes and ears. Videos capture critical moments in time that can be used to refresh memories at trial, and or used to refute allegations of injury/damage and or the facts of loss. Videos also can save you time in the area of orientation and safety loss control buy communicating in a polished professional manner your message of Safety First, Or Doing The Right Thing when it comes to interaction with others (aka Human Resources and Best Practices.

Everywhere we turn there is TikTok, and You Tube, capturing relevant and irrelevant spinets in our lives. Some are funny, others are emphatic and heart felt.

But in our world, It is a tool to help us save money. Money that can be allocated to running your business rather than a claim expense.

Care in point. “ There is a loss wherein a vehicle was involved in an accident, a sideswipe as alleged by the other driver. Our driver reports he /she was in their lane of travel, and had plenty of space between him and other vehicles. So this becomes a case of he said/she said. In this instance, our vehicle did not have camera on board. As we all know, in the world of litigation, absent concrete evidence to the contrary, the determination and judgement are always adverse to business as we are held to a higher standard of road safety and we by perception have deeper pockets.” In this case because we couldn’t support our drivers’ statement and contradict the other parties version, it left the claims handler handcuffed and with no choice but to give into the sometimes outrageous settlement demands. In this case, The case was settled for just over $150,000 in costs of both vehicle repairs and compensation to the other person for their “pain and suffering”. In this case the old adage comes to my mind “Penny wise and Pound Foolish”.

Where could you have spent $150,000 in your business.?

Our Risk Management here at Charter Partners actively takes interest in your success as a community member. We are a second set of eyes with recommendations to protect your assets. Be it slip and fall on your property, or on the road, tel emetics is technology that is here to stay. Dash Cams, mirror cams, back -up cameras and on site property cameras in the shop or around your premises are all there to protect you and your assets. Our experts are always looking for the next piece of technology that will protect our community and its members.

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