Revisiting Summit 2024

This annual gathering is not just a conference; it's a testament to the power of community and collaboration in the realm of captive insurance.

Welcoming the New Board of Directors

On the first day of sessions, Charter Partners proudly introduced its new Board of Directors, ushering in a fresh era of leadership and representation. Elected by fellow members, the board comprises esteemed individuals from each industry pod. Representatives include Doug Dolinar and David O'Connell from FPP, Paul Falzone and Joe LaPaglia from UTA, and Sean Cook and Steve Aguirre from ASDA. Additionally, the board benefits from the guidance of seasoned advisors Zack Germak and Brenda Stewart, whose expertise and insights will undoubtedly steer Charter Partners towards continued success.

Keynote Speaker John Vo

This year, we opened our Tuesday sessions with a talk from keynote speaker John Vo of Blue Innovations Group. Throughout his illustrious career, John has remained a beacon of leadership, building and leading exceptional teams with a relentless pursuit of excellence. His insights and experiences reaffirmed the power of visionary leadership and innovation in shaping the future of industry.

The "Dare to Share" Roundtables

At Summit 2024, attendees embraced the theme of "Dare to Share", diving deep into various industry topics through interactive roundtable sessions led by our community experts.

One standout session, "Get to Know Your Insurer", provided a unique opportunity for participants to forge stronger connections with their PMA partners, fostering transparency and trust within the community. Angela Frederick led an insightful discussion, "Reporting and Investigations", highlighting the importance of proactive risk management in the ever-evolving landscape of insurance.

Other sessions included:

How Does This Never Happen Again? With Doug Dolinar.
How You Share Profit & Loss in Your Captive with Jason Snyder
Hiring & Firing Procedures with Angela Frederick
Risk Management in 2024 with Ellen Greiper
How UTA Grows Through Community with Don Blood

Summit Fun

Another highlight from this year's Summit were Tuesday's entertainment options. Attendees chose between a private wine and cheese tasting, a sunset catamaran cruise (jumping dolphins included!), or a glass-blowing demonstration at the local Chihuly museum.

To close out the two-day event, we gathered at the St. Petersburg Shuffleboard Club for a little friendly competition. This marked a memorable first for Charter Partners, as attendees immersed themselves in the history and camaraderie of this iconic venue. It’s here that the rules of the game were standardized in 1928, and against the backdrop of the club's centennial celebration, our friends mastered the art of shuffleboard. Big congratulations to our tournament winners – David and Betsy O'Connell, Doug Dolinar, and Matt Harper!

At its core, Charter Partners is more than just an insurance group; it's a tight-knit community built on the principles of vulnerability and cooperation. Summit 2024 exemplified this ethos, celebrating the power of "Daring to Share" for the collective advancement of all community members!

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