'Captivate' Series Launches: Spotlight on Scott Welch

At the heart of community building, and arguably the most crucial part of any organizational effort, lies the relationships. For Charter Partners, relationships are what we hang our hat on, and helping our members and partners build connections is the core of who we are.

'Captivate' Series Launches: Spotlight on Scott Welch

In 2024 we've set out on our latest project, dubbed 'Captivate', a series in which we get to know our members on a deeper level, so that in turn their peers can get to know them as well.

The idea was sparked when CEO, Todd Welch, came across an old newspaper clipping of his father, Scott Welch. In the clipping, Scott answers a series of questions posed by the interviewee; some easy, some a little more introspective, all giving us a brief glimpse into the insurance and community expert's world.

To know Todd is to know Scott, in a way. After all, Charter Partners' origins began in 1967 with Scott's idea that to solve the issues plaguing the insurance industry, one had to come face-to-face with those you share the market with. Hoping that through respectful 'co-opetition', he could create an insurance program where competitors not only solved those issues but build community while doing so.

It's in the spirit of Scott Welch that we begin our 'Captivate' series, learning more about our members through various questions, ranging from "What's your favorite ice cream?", to "What are you most proud of?", and some that will bring us together through shared knowledge and innovation: "What's your best idea we can help execute?".

As Scott always said, "people support what they help create."

Editor's Note: Scott F. Welch is president of Bowers, Schumann & Welch, an agency that handles all types of insurance, including auto, home, health and municipal coverage and worker's compensation. In his position, Welch oversees 84 employees working in the agency's four offices, including Blairstown and Washington, D.C..
He also helps set the goals and general direction of the agency. And he still services some accounts, including Warren County and Warren Hospital.

Born: March 20, 1939
Birthplace: Moline, IL
Marital status, family: Wife, Henrietta, and three children, Glen 28, Todd, 26, and Jody, 24.
Favorite food: Meatloaf
Last movie seen in theatre: Rain Man
Last book read: The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber
Two people you admire: Walt Disney and John F. Kenndy
Pet peeve: People who won't get to the point.
Hobby: Gardening, renovating house and Bowers, Schumann & Welch
Pet: Corky, a Yorkshire terrier
Biggest influence on your life: Wife, Henrietta

Favorite quotation: "You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world...but it takes people to make it a reality." -Walt Disney

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