Our First Blog: Look Again In Four Years

What if we could harness the community to recognize risk as something deeply integrated into high performance? Instead of thinking of risk as "avoiding danger," we flip the model towards mastery of our unique risks.

Insurance has been around for a while—many reference Lloyd’s of London, others even before. One thing remains the same: the sentiment of insurance. It is a necessary evil that individuals and businesses MUST HAVE but don't love.

BUT, what if...  you didn’t have to look at insurance simply for the protection and the traditional lackluster service that goes along with it?

Charter Partners's mission it do just that. We improve insurance by incubating risk-sharing communities, encouraging members to unite, collaborate, and grow to create a better future for our captive & the world.

Right now the financial mechanism best suited for this mission is that of a captive
under a Vermont captive umbrella to change insurance for small businesses nationwide in Worker's Comp, Auto, and General Liability.

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Photo by Alexander Shatov / Unsplash

We set our course with these three pillars in mind:

Step 1: Build a COMMUNITY of like-minded Businesses, with extra focus on Risk Management & Sharing Community and Best practices.

Step 2: Use the foundation of community, captive, and transparency with the help of our technology platform to spread our message to every industry starting with high hazard.

Step 3: Build tools and structures within that captive that enable every business to be built with safer practices while fostering the belief that high performance and risk are one and the same.

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